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About Restaurant PI

Restaurant P.I. is a SaaS secret shopper platform connecting businesses to its consumers. Are you a restaurant or other food business looking for increased exposure and customer recognition? Are you a patron interested in trying various types of foods? Use this powerful app to exchange exclusive deals and discounts for your valuable feedback. Earn Lunch Money tokens every time you complete a mystery shop. Help us improve the customer experience at food serving businesses by providing your valuable feedback.

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Road Map

Q1 2017

Idea Creation
  • Initial Idea Concept
  • Trademark Search
  • Copyright Search
  • Registration of Legal Entity
  • Logo Design

Q2 2017

Product Development
  • NDA Signed with Developer
  • Product Development
  • Validate Concept
  • Beta Testing
  • Sign Up Users

Q3 2017

Full Product Ready
  • Google Play Store Release
  • Gather Feedback
  • Create Awareness
  • Sign Up Users

Q4 2017

Blockchain Phase 1
  • Research Smart Contracts
  • Team Building with Blockchain Experts
  • Rebranding
  • Hire Smart Contract Architect

Q1 2018

Full Product Ready
  • Lunch Money Smart Concept
  • Whitepapers, Pitch Deck
  • Road Map
  • LunchMoney.IO Website
  • Expand the Team

Q2 2018

Blockchain Phase 3
  • Private Token Exchange
  • Pre-Token Exchange
  • Main Token Exchange

Q3 2018

Business Development
  • New App Release
  • Launch Partnerships
  • Ship Marketing Kits
  • Referral Program

Q4 2018

Growth 1
  • Resturaunt P.I. Diner CC
  • Expand Across U.S.
  • International Outreach

Q1 2019

Growth 2
  • Introduce Extra Launch Money
  • Implement Extra Launch Money
  • Market Extra Launch Money
  • Develop Extra Launch Money
  • Expand into Retail and Other Markets

Q2 2019

Growth 2
  • P.I. Coin Development
  • US & International

Q3 2019

Implement P.I. Services for all markets
  • P.I. Coin Development
  • US & International

Q4 2019

Ship Marketing Kits for All Markets
  • US & International

Q1 2020

Partnerships for P.I. services
  • US & International

Q2 2020

P.I. Credit Cards for All Markets
  • US & International


Distribution of

Post Token

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Meet the Team

Jeffery Varnado | Restaurant P.I.

Jeffery Varnado
Founder of Restaurant P.I. Inc
Co-Founder of Lunch Money

Adrian Triplett | Restaurant P.I.

Adrian Triplett
COO Restaurant P.I. Inc
CO-Founder Of Lunch Money

Derek Hawkins | Restaurant P.I.

Derek Hawkins
Trademark Attorney

Salman Qadir | Restaurant P.I.

Salman Qadir
Chief Strategic Officer/ Global Development

Devorin Bebek | Restaurant P.I.

Davorin Bebek
Social Media Manager

Sonya Prstec | Restaurant P.I.

Sonya Prstec
Legal Advisor

Jim Blasko | Restaurant P.I.

Jim Blasko
Strategic Advisor

Abdullah al Mamun | Restaurant P.I.

Abdullah Al Mamun
UI Designer

Vladmir Nikitin | Restaurant P.I.

Vladmir Nikitin
TOP ICO Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev | Restaurant P.I.

Nikolay Shkilev
LTOP ICO Advisor

Destiny Aigbe | Restaurant P.I.

Destiny Aigbe
General Counsel/Securities Counsel

Yaliwe Soko | Restaurant P.I.

Yaliwe Soko
Brand Ambassador

Ali G Asiri
Investor Relations Advisor

Restaurant P.I. App

Restaurant P.I. Rewards & Token Exchange

Our aim is to improve the customer experience at restaurants and bars by providing anonymous customer oversight. For every feedback that a user submits, he/she will earn Lunch Money tokens. Users know that by using the app, they are helping to solve poor customer service problems and are earning LMY tokens. The tokens can be used toward their next visit. In result, customers will have an opportunity to save fiat money by transacting Lunch Money. LMY is the native non-fiat currency of the Restaurant P.I. platform and it has been designed to be used for dining costs. When secret shops are completed, LMY tokens will be automatically transferred to the user’s free Trust Wallet App. Trust Wallet is free and available on both the App Store and Google Play.

We claim that…

1. All participants in our token exchange will be granted free lifetime access to our Restaurant P.I. app.

2. Lunch Money tokens issued as incentives can help improve poor customer service problems at restaurants everywhere.

3. Users will earn Lunch Money tokens by utilizing the Restaurant P.I. app. Tokens are earned when a secret shop has been completed.

4. All users control their own individual outcome. Example: The more secret shops that you complete, the more tokens you will earn.

5. There are no guarantees of gains or returns by participating in our token exchange.

6. By participating in our token exchange, all participants will have an opportunity to save FIAT money when dining at participating restaurants and bars.

7. Lunch Money can be transacted and used toward the cost of dining at participating restaurants and bars.

8. Lunch Money is exclusive to the Restaurant P.I. rewards system.

9. Lunch Money is compliant with KYC guidelines. All users must sign up and register for access to the Restaurant P.I. app.

10. Restaurant P.I. is a software as a service platform, therefore it’s owners do not play any role in driving value to the token.

11. All participants of our token exchange will be issued a barter contract explaining the terms of Lunch Money.

12. US residents are excluded from participating in our Lunch Money token exchange, however other opportunities may be available in the near future.